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Why FlatPriceMovers?

The flat rate and online calculation


If you are going to move to Ottawa and decide to move with us, you will receive a unique service from our company. You can calculate your moving price in advance using our online calculator. It’s fast, convenient and accurate. Once you complete the request on our online calculator, once submitted,the price will be will soon be confirmed by one of our qualified agents within several hours. This will help you be to remain within your planned moving budget.


Our customers are pleased with this accurate method of calculating their price in advance. They can plan their moving expenses in beforehand and are assured that its one price for the move with the packing without worrying of time taken to complete the move.


How to make the best use of online calculator


Our online calculator is most effective for residential moves. If you are moving into a small apartment with up to 3 bedrooms, this would be a great option for you. For larger moves such as a house, office or commercial moves, it is advised to invite an agent to come and estimate on spot for a more accurate price. The agent will consider all of your moving factors and make an accurate estimation.


Easy to use


You need to fill in the form;  enter your old and new addresses, type of establishment, floors, size of elevator, your moving date and most importantly the items that need to be moved. We will confirm the total amount within 1 working day.


Hourly or Fixed price


Upon confirmation of your online estimation by quote, you will also receive the option to pick the hourly rate. Usually we recommend using the fixed price because we believe it gives better results; it will cost less and provide you with assurance to a maintained moving budget. However, the hourly payment will be favorable for you if you don’t mind helping the movers with the move. This option will be also be helpful if you remain unsure of your moving list.


Taking your time to pick


If you are using the online calculator, you don’t take on a liability to move with us, we simply provide you with your options and information needed to make your final decision.  


Budget and Standard options


You will get two options in response to your fixed price inquiry. The first option is the  Budget plan that will make your relocation cheaper and will let you economize. Selecting this plan, you are responsible of packing all items including bigger furniture pieces. Our movers will only deliver your furniture, boxes and packages to your destination, but will not be responsible for scratches, dents, chips and other damages that happen due to improper packing. We also don’t provide insurance for this option.


The Standard plan includes supply of professional packing materials such as covers, blankets and boxes; packing of your belongings, loading them to the truck, transportation of items, unloading and unpacking.


Rough estimations are accepted


If you cannot count your possessions beforehand, it’s ok. You can still keep the rough estimation and reserve your move. One day before the move, a representative from our moving company will call you to check the changes in the list and recalculate the price. In addition, the list will be verified on your moving day and will be recalculated accordingly if needed.


Quality of work


Regardless of what option and plan you select, our movers are careful, fast and polite.


Stops on the way


If you have several addresses to add; for unloading or picking up items, it must be indicated when completing the form on the online calculator. Additional time/distance and work time will be taken into account.


Difficulty finding your region on the online calculator ?


If you cannot find your region or small city/village, choose the city that is the closest to you.


Opportunity to save


We offer you great opportunities to save. This can be done by:

  • choosing the budget plan

  • packing and moving as many of your boxes and small items yourself

  • moving in the middle of the month

  • moving in the evening or in the afternoon

  • taking advantage of special offers and discounts.


Our managers and consultants are always polite, efficient and helpful. So, don’t hesitate to call us!