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Planning a move

When you are leaving your usual place in Ottawa and moving somewhere new, it can puzzle and disturb you. Moving can be fussy, stressful and disordered. It is difficult to keep everything in mind when you are so pressed and there are so many preparations to do. Our moving company often deals with various situations and we are experienced, competent and reliable enough to make your moving process smooth and easy.


There are several tips to help you get organized for you move.You should create your own calendar to make sure your moving process remains managed. This is done by marking the tasks that need to be completed by a certain date. Make sure to have all necessary tasks completed early to stay organized.


Preliminary preparations


Picking the best moving company in Ottawa can take some time. It’s a good idea to ask your friends, neighbors and relatives about moving companies they have had good experiences moving with. This will help you realize that FlatPriceMovers is the most reputable moving service provider. Pick your moving date and request a consultation with one of our members from the customer service team. If you are looking to move during a time such as a weekend, during the summer, at the beginning or end of the month, always book a reservation in advance to assure your spot due to high demand for moving services. Inform your customers, friends and relatives about your change of address.




You can order professional packing material from our moving company. This includes blankets for furniture, mattress covers, plastic boxes and much more. This will help your furniture and other belongings to get delivered safe and sound. You can also pack your possessions using conventional packing materials such as cartons, paper, tissue and other materials on hand.


How to pack your belongings,

  • Make a list

  • Provide each package with a sticker. It should contain your name, new address and a list of contents;

  • Place your documents and jewelry into a separate file and carry them yourself

  • Get rid of flammable or dangerous items;

  • Properly wrap your fragile items such as china, glasses, crystal and separate these boxes with a label mentioning that its  fragile