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Moving estimation


If you are moving to Ottawa or within Canada, it’s possible you feel scared or worried. The relocation process can sometimes be daunting, stressful, and expensive. Among the most horrifying moving nightmares are the hidden fees and exceeding your budget. It is crucial to plan a budget, anticipate the costs and prepare a detailed list of expenses.


We offer a clear and straightforward system to providing moving estimations. Our experienced customer service staff have a good knowledge on the primary factors that influence the price when moving. Factors such as number, size and type of furniture, elevator, region.. etc.Your planned moving date also matters, for it can fall the peak time or off-season. It takes only few minutes to fill in the form, you will get a reliable calculation for the relocation service.


Moving within Ottawa


If you are planing to move locally in Ottawa or the suburbs, you will be offered two base options to choose from. The cost of the moving service can be calculated with the hourly rate. The price depends on the distance, number of movers, size of the truck and your moving date.



Option 1:

Our base hourly rates are the following:



Two movers with a truck       from $69



Three movers with a truck    from $89



During the first and the last days of each month as well as during June and the weekends have higher rates. On the other hand, moving services during fall and winter time can oftentimes be offered at a discounted price.



Option 2:

Doing a submission for a flat price can be beneficial as well.

Your online estimation will first be confirmed by one of our professional customer service consultants, then this price will be valid for your move. The flat rate can avoid any worries concerning the moving budget. Get a flatprice


Moving throughout Canada


Long distance moving is calculated on fixed base. You can also use a special online estimation form to get a quote for moving directions from Ottawa to Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario, Gatineau and other places within Canada. If your town is not on the list, choose a neighboring city. You will get a response in a couple hours with a quote that will also contain two or three options to choose from. This flat rate will not contain hidden charges.


Getting a clear, reliable and complete estimation will ease your fear regarding your moving budget. Get a flatprice or send details by email at sales@flatpricemovers.ca