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Long distance moving


The idea of moving into another city or region of Canada can be frightening for many people. Despite of the fact that the moving is usually attributed to positive changes in your life; it is not always easy to change your entire environment, to get a new job; to meet new neighbors and to put your children in a new school. In addition, there are many things to do: planning all tasks to perform and making a list of it; deciding which belongings will be necessary in the new place and which ones can be discarded, packing of every item with care in order that is was transported safe and sound and much more.


If you choose the FlatPriceMovers for your move, you can count that your belongings will be delivered with the greatest possible care. We provide fast, efficient and affordable moving services in Canadawith an trustworthy relation with our customers. We have moving vans of different sizes, the most up-to-date equipment such as loaders, dollies, ramps and special straps and robes? to lift the furniture and other heavy belongings fast and safely. We work hard from 8 am till 8 pm, seven days a week to deliver your things as quickly as possible to meet the standards of one of the bestmoving services in the market. Our movers are professional, experienced and accurate while the customer service team is always polite, friendly and attentive to their customers.


We also supply additional services such as

  • free consultations;

  • storage of your possessions;

  • the best packaging materials with discounted prices for purchase and for for rent;

  • insurances;

  • consolidated moving.


Rates for moving within Canada


We make continuous efforts to offer the best possible services and rates to our customers. We provide a unique method to calculate the total cost of your move through the online estimation. It gives you the chance to see the price for the service and will help you stay within your budget. However, you can also apply to our consultants for help. An agent will arrive to your place and evaluate the volume of your possessions, distance to your new apartment or house, availability of elevator and many other circumstances.?? He will work out a fixed price for the moving as a whole, taking into account your moving date. This service is free and this amount will be not changed afterwards.


Our moving rates are quite affordable and reasonable. For example, the price for relocation from Ottawa to Montreal will begin from just $299. If you are searching a more economic rate, we can offer you consolidated moving where you can save from 15 to 35% off the total cost. In addition, we can offer you a special discount when one of our trucks are in the city, fulfilling another order.