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How to save

Our moving company in Ottawa is customer–oriented and is always thinking of developing new services that benefit clients to the fullest extent. We want you to save therefore we do our best to help reduce the moving costs.


Moving in Canada can be quite expensive. This  includes the purchasing of packing material, packing your belongings, loading and unloading heavy furniture. We know that moving services in Ottawa can charge a fortune, this is why we offer great reduced prices and help maintain low costs.


Packing materials


Usually, people who move have to buy high-priced packing materials, such as cartons, boxes, tape, bubble wrap, diverse wrapping materials, protective covers, blankets and much more. They are essential to delivering heavy furniture, household appliances, clothes, books, mirrors and other possessions in a safe matter. Buying these necessary wrapping items when moving in Ottawa can sometimes cost up to hundreds of dollars. We offer the rental of convenient and durable plastic bins. This solution will allow you to save money, it is  a cheap and eco-friendly alternative option to boxes. In addition, our moving company will offer you the best packing materials with a  20% discount when moving with us


Hourly and fixed payment


When you call us, our consultants will offer you your options – either an hourly rate or fixed rate.You can also use our online calculator – its free, easy and clear.


Consolidated moving


If you are going to move from Ottawa to another city within Canada, you can share a big truck with another family that is relocating the same direction and save up to 35% off the total moving cost.


Off-season discounts


Choosing to move during a weekday, dates in the middle of the month or off-season periods (Autumn) will allow you get a discounted price.


Special offers


If you are moving to another city in Canada, you can check the dates available for trucks that are arriving to your city.Then you can reserve one of these dates for a truck that is returning to its final destination which is the same as yours, this will get a discounted rate.




Generally, the storage is rented monthly, but you can rent it for a week or two and pay only for the time used.

Call us and get the best moving service with fair rates!