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What is the best time to plan a residential move in Ottawa?

You can choose any time you prefer to move, regardless our movers will be there on time. However, if you want to save with us, choose dates in the middle of the month since it will be cheaper than on the 1st, and the 28-31st of a month.


Are moving rates cheaper during the off-season?

Yes, there is a cheaper period within the year from the 6th of October till the 19th of April.


What is the best time for office move?

We would advise you to move on a weekend. It will be less of a hassle and avoid taking up office hours.


When should we use the FlatPriceMovers moving service?

It must be done in advance, at least 4 weeks before the move.


What are the tips to pack our belongings?

Pack light, space-occupying things should be put into large plastic boxes. Heavy and small items such as dishes, record albums and books should be placed into smaller boxes.


Is it necessary to mark the boxes?

Yes, please write your name, content of the box and new address on the boxes. Please, mark containers fragile items such as china, glasses, crystals, ceiling lamps etc.


Are there any belongings that cannot be placed into the moving van?

Yes. We cannot transport hazardous items such as nail polish, car batteries, aerosols, chemicals, and flammable and explosive substances. Weapons and medications cannot be shipped.


What items can we not move?

Animals or pets such as fishes, cats, turtles, dogs, or snakes cannot be moved in a van. You should place them in your family car, safely using carry boxes, cages or other equipment. We don’t transport jewelry, antiques, money and pianos.


Are my belongings covered by insurance?

Yes, it is an insurance based on the weight or on its declared value. The liability is $50 000 at most.


What is the minimum time charged for moves within Ottawa or the suburb?

Not less than two or three hours


How much are the boxes?

They are free. You just have to make a deposit of $1.50 per box and bring it back no later than a month. As soon as you return the boxes in good condition, your deposit will be refunded.


Do you supply packing materials for moves in Ottawa?

Yes, we provide clients with all necessary things such as plastic boxes, bubble wrap, tape of various dimensions, blankets for safe delivery of furniture and equipment; small, medium and large cupboards specially designed for delivery of mirrors, wardrobe, files and many other things. In addition covers for moving mattresses of different sizes are available. SENTENCE IS TOO LONG.


Is it possible to save on packing materials with FlatPriceMovers?

Yes, we provide 20% discount on your purchase if you move with us. We also offer plastic boxes for rental.


How much is the rental of plastic boxes?

It costs $45 to rent 20 boxes, and $65 to rent 30 pieces. HOW LONG ?